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A Look At The Ultraflo Shield Philippines Vaporizer

The Ultraflo Shield Philippines vape is a top quality 510 oil cartridge battery that has been designed to fit just about any cartridge you decide to throw at it. This vape will match each cartridge perfectly using an advanced variable output control system with preheat option that guarantees only the best possible results. It features a universal 510 threading and it includes two unique magnetic adapters that will enable you to connect any bottom or top airflow style cartridges very quickly and securely.

The atomizer port has been engineered to fit the tallest or shortest cartridges available, and it can also fit some of the widest cartridges that you can find on the market measuring up to and including 11.2 mm in diameter. The Ultraflo Shield Philippines comes with a premium 400mAh battery that is packed inside with versatile output controls to help you reach peak performance with your wide collection of atomizer as well as oil types.

This vaporizer uses a wide voltage range with 4 optimized presets as well as an innovative low output automatic preheat mode that you can use for better performance with thicker concentrates. You can control the entire Ultraflo Shield vape with just one button while watching the 4 light LED panel that provides all crucial information with just a simple glance.

To turn on the device, you simply need to press the top mounted power button 5 times to first. Once the device is awake, you can click the button three more times in order to select your preferred voltage level. Each light represents a different voltage setting - as you increase the voltage, another light will power on to show the change. You should continue triple clicking the button until you hit your ideal setting

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