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A Look at the CCell Silo Philippines

If you already tried other CCell vaporizers and loved them, you are going to love the CCell Silo Philippines. The Silo is a slightly bigger brother of the CCell Palm with similar specifications and overall function. A compact form factor, magnetic atomizer attachment, and powerful punch encompass this little device.

The CCell Silo feels nice in the hand and still maintains a lot of functions of the CCell Palm that you liked. The body of the atomizer stays mostly hidden, something that helps protect it from drops as well as the elements. While it is not anything special, you definitely get good value for the money.

In the CCELL Silo Philippines kit, there is some basic gear which features the battery, two magnetic 510 atomizer adapters, as well as a USB charger. It is all the things that you can really expect for the price anyway.

This device has a battery life of 500mAh, which is good enough for plenty of hits. While it is claimed that can get up to 200 hits, you are likely to get through around ~0.2 - 0.25 grams of oil before you need a battery top off. Unless you have a super tolerance, that should be enough for a whole day of heavy hits with some room to spare.

It will take you less than an hour to top up from empty, which is great as well. The simple, effective, and compact device that does what it is supposed to do without sacrificing power. Silo is petite and powerful. It encloses the cartridge within the body, protecting it. It may not be as protected as some of the vaporizers out there, but its good enough.

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